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ConsumerAuto has reimagined vehicle financing. We’re leaving the past behind in the rear-view, looking ahead instead to the open road of the future.

Our ongoing mission is to inspire and embolden Canadians to find the vehicles they want with affordable, sensible financing plans based on their individual needs.

That’s why we’ve thrown out the traditional lending model. Say goodbye to rejected applications and invasive financial scrutiny. Instead, our process looks beyond just your credit score to see you as a person. We consider your entire financial identity, working with you to develop a realistic, achievable payment plan with terms that make sense for your financial reality. Even if you’re burdened with a less-than-perfect credit history, we’ll provide options that work for you. We’re focused on shaping your future, not dwelling on your past.

Why Choose Us?

Better Service

There are countless lenders, banks, and financial institutions out there, eager to sign you up for loans. All too often, fighting your way through the credit market can be a dizzying, exasperating experience.

Don’t let frustration put a halt on your journey. ConsumerAuto is here to point the way, offering you new possibilities and choices in financing strategies. We work exclusively with trustworthy, reputable lenders who share our belief that, above all else, consumers should come first. Our model is designed to help you streamline and meet life’s financial challenges, not bury you under grueling payment plans with impossible terms.

The journey begins with our simple, refined online application—no need for pushy salesmen with deceptive tactics. We’ll ask you for some basic information on your current situation, what you can reasonably afford in a payment plan, and projections on what you’re looking for in your new vehicle.

In just a matter of minutes, we’ll connect you to top lenders offering the fairest rates on the best vehicles available. We can provide you with practical insights on financing plans tailored to your needs, all without an intrusive credit check or demanding financial interrogation.

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A Better Car Buying Experience

As you continue your journey, we’ll be there right beside you in the shotgun seat. The knowledgeable ConsumerAuto team offers you dedicated support throughout the process. We’ll lead you through the often-overwhelming world of perplexing terms and interest rates, helping you make smart, informed decisions. And our team can provide you with indispensable tools and solutions to help you identify, understand, and accomplish your goals.

Whether you’re in the market for a new or used vehicle, a dazzling top-of-the-line ride, or just something to get you from point A to B, we’re here to make your car loan shopping experience a smooth ride.

At ConsumerAuto, we believe there’s a car loan solution for every driver. By rethinking and reinventing the way car loans work, we’re helping drivers across Canada surpass their financial roadblocks and get behind the wheel, quickly and with confidence.

Contact ConsumerAuto today and learn how we can help you reimagine your own financial future.

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