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Your future begins now! Whether you’re looking to finance a new vehicle purchase or simply seize the many opportunities life has to offer, ConsumerAuto has a solution for you, no matter your financial situation.

Looking to secure a vehicle financing plan can be a daunting process. The lending market is saturated with options, but knowing where to start looking can be difficult. Negotiating with dealers is often a frustrating and confusing experience, and rejected applications can make you want to give up. If you’re carrying bad credit, no credit, or you have a history of bankruptcy, it often feels like building a financial future is impossible when your past of missteps or bad luck comes back to haunt you.

A Better Way To Buy

ConsumerAuto empowers Canadians to transform their financial futures. Our expertise is in helping all consumers, even those with less-than-sparkling credit histories, make smart decisions with their money while navigating the often-confusing credit market.

Don’t be overwhelmed by baffling terms and conditions or intimidated by pushy marketing pitches. With our easy online application process, we connect borrowers to trustworthy online lenders who share our philosophy of providing borrowers with better choices. In mere minutes, you’ll receive invaluable insights on the credit products that suit your needs, all without an intrusive credit check or by surrendering confidential private information.

New & Used Cars, Trucks & SUV’s

Whether you’re financing a vehicle purchase, looking to consolidate high-interest debt, planning on improving your home, or simply seeking greater financial security, we’ll provide you with a range of options on the best offers at the fairest rates. The astute ConsumerAuto team will support you throughout the entire process by offering tools and advice to help keep you focused on your goals. We believe there truly is a credit solution for everyone, even subprime borrowers burdened with bad credit.

At ConsumerAuto, we understand the full story isn’t always told in your credit report. Our proven expertise is in helping all buyers make smart, informed decisions with credit and money management. That means thinking beyond the traditional car loan model to create practical, manageable solutions that work for each consumer’s unique circumstances.

ConsumerAuto focuses on empowering all Canadians to start building their financial future. No matter what your financing needs may be, we’ll work with you to locate and secure financing with top lenders at the fairest rates.

We’re here to help you get past those financial roadblocks and concentrate on the road ahead. Our specialty is connecting drivers to dealers, and we know there’s an auto borrowing solution for you.

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Our extensive list of partners consists of lenders who understand our philosophy of putting consumers first, regardless of their financial history, and they’re ready to work with you. Together, we’ll create a lending solution that launches your financial future today.

At ConsumerAuto, our goal is to help Canadians turn challenges into possibilities. Get in touch today to begin your own transformation and revitalize your financial future.



ConsumerAuto Offer Terms and Conditions

The minimum repayment period for a ConsumerAuto personal loan is 12 months, while the maximum repayment period is 36 months. The maximum Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is 30.6%. ConsumerAuto’s APR includes a 5% origination fee. As an example, for a loan of $5,000, the origination fee is $250 (5%), making the total loan amount $5,250